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Oilfield Service in Midland, TX

When you are looking for quality oilfield service in the Abilene, Midland or Odessa area, count on the staff at Permian Enterprises LTD.

Permian Enterprises has been providing oilfield services to Abilene, TX for nearly 60 years.  These decades of experience, specifically with anti corrosion methods, allow us to provide quality products and dependable services that you can rely on. When you need pipe coating or a rethreading pipe service, call in the experts to get the job done fast.

anti corrosion abilene We have compiled a description of our services and products here for your convenience. We proudly serve all of Midland. Please feel free to browse our website at,

If you have any questions, we are never more than a phone call away: 432-332-0903

We do everything from pipe coating to pipe wrapping!

Our pipe coating services serves to protect the water supply lines from corrosion whether from the outside or the inside. Also, pipe coating protects drinking water from contamination. Call us today for more information on pipe coating and other services at Permian Enterprises serving the Odessa and Midland areas.

Permian Enterprises is a premier oilfield service and  was formed in 1948 for the purpose of cement lining steel pipe for the oil fields of West Texas.  As water flooding expanded, corrosion caused by aggressive oil field brines became an ever more serious problem throughout the United States, and Permian Enterprises was there to meet the need. They handle everything from pipe wrapping to pipe straightening. When something goes wrong, know you can rely on Permian Enterprises.

Are you in need of rethreading pipe services? Having the ends pf pipes properly joined is critical in making sure that a system is reliable and productive each hour of the day. At Permian Enterprises Ltd we understand how to rethread tubulars. We offer rethreading pipe services toreturn them to a like-new condition. Our rethreading pipe services include pipes 2 3/8" to 5 1/2". When you need a rethreading pipe company or need pipe wrapping, call in someone you can trust!

oilfield service Midland The necessity to acidize injection wells caused Permian Enterprises to develop a special acid-resistant lining, FLUOROLINE, to meet this new need.

We serve customers across the Midland and Abilene area.

The advent of CO2 injection and other EOR programs has led to even more need for the corrosion protection of water and CO2 distribution lines throughout the oil fields.  Again, Permian Enterprises has met the need with an economical and effective anti corrosion system.

In 1987, Permian Enterprises saw a new need and built a wrapping plant for the exclusive application of POLYKEN YG III external taping system.  In 1990, equipment was added, and Permian Enterprises became the first coating plant to apply POLYKEN's new SYNERGY heat-fused coating systems.

pipe coating Abilene

Since 1948, Permian Enterprises has cement lined in excess of 80 million feet of pipe, and in the past dozen years has lined in excess of 24 million feet.  Now, with this impressive record of success, Permian Enterprises continues to meet pipeline and tubing corrosion prevention needs of the oil and gas industry. We do everything from pipe coating to pipe straightening.

Please go to our website at
www.permianenterprises.comor call our service department and our highly qualified staff at 432-332-0903.

Visit our service facility and offices at
2121 West Murphy Street, Odessa, Texas 79763

pipe straightening Midland

pipe wrapping Odessa

rethreading pipe Odessa

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rethreading pipe service!

Products & Services

Permian Enterprises has the unique ability to offer clients the very best in service for the products we manufacture.  Some of the services we provide are: 

  • Field service technician
  • Buck-off coupling
  • Buck-on coupling
  • Remove Dents
  • Burn out plastic
  • Ryton Coat New Couplings
  • Drill out Cement
  • Ring and Plug Gauge Threads
  • Cut & Bevel Rethreads
  • Internal Lance Blast
  • Straighten Bent /Bowed tubing
  • Straighten Corkscrewed tubing
  • New J-55 Couplings
  • Seal Lube Thread Compound
  • Preservathread


With over 60 years of experience, Permian Enterprises knows which products will best suit your specific situation. Additionally, we manufacture our own products to the demanding specifications we have established based upon real-world practical experience.

For detailed information on our products, please select the product you are interested in from the list at the right.

Our staff would be happy to help you select the best product for your application. 

Just give us a call at: (432) 332-0903.

More phone numbers for easy contact; 432-580-7270, 432-332-3053, outside Midland & Odessa TX 800-725-0904

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